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Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader: Delve into the Depths of Your Destiny!
*For Entertainment Purposes*

Hi, I am The Emperor, welcome to my world of divination and spiritual exploration! With over 6 years of experience in the mystical art of tarot reading, I have honed my skills to powerfully connect with your energy and provide you with profound insights. If you are seeking genuine guidance, a reading with me will leave you transformed and empowered.

I am not your typical "fluffy" reader; I believe in getting straight to the heart of the matter. My delivery of messages is unfiltered and raw, cutting through the noise to reveal the true essence of your situation. Prepare to embrace the truth, for it is through honesty that we find clarity and embark upon the path to fulfillment.

Whether you seek answers on matters of love and relationships, career and finances, or simply a broader understanding of your life's purpose, I am here to guide you. My readings offer illumination in the darkest corners of uncertainty, allowing you to make informed decisions and manifest the life you desire.

Dare to face the truth and embrace your destiny; the universe eagerly awaits your arrival. Let's unlock the doors of your potential, one card at a time.

Cancelation Policy

All sales on divination service are final. NO REFUNDS. Once your reading is booked you will receive your reading within 48hrs depending on scheduling at the time of booking (weekend does NOT apply). If you are unable to wait the 48hrs, feel free to schedule an emergency reading.


Divination Service

All information such as names will be kept confidential. No Health, Legal, or Pregnancy. All payments are final.


Disclaimer: Entertainment purposes only. The Emperor's Word is NOT responsible for any actions you take after your service. My service does not replace professional, medical, legal, or business opinion and advice. Use your own discretion at ALL times.


"Tarot and Dreams are two dialects in the language of the Soul."


~ Phillipe St Genoux

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